Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello, hanging out again. Raymond has finished his NS. So, I went to Penang with ErEr, Raymond and Junting today. We went to Pragin mall and then Gurney plaza. After shopping, we went to ErEr's house in Bedong. We stayed there. We shared our feelings together because we are going to face our Spm result the next day. Wao, but I'm not expect too much. I wish I can score at least 5As more than my trial. Their results have always been good and mine are always the worst between them but they look afraid than me, haha. 

Why always raymond? Haha, because they don't send me their pictures. Don't misunderstand ya, he is just my best best friend :D He is going to Australia to continue his studies there so I treasure every moments when be with him. Hope that distance will not make our friendship change.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet day

HanChi came here with her friends today because she wanted to attend her friend's birthday party. After reaching here, I went to fetch them. We went to Central Square and then Village mall. She stayed with me tonight ! Im so happy, haha.

Actually we are Ms.braces. :P

Before sleeping.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Lavra is now at Kuala Lumpur. She is going to have her A-level in HELP University soon. Before the day she went there, we hanged out with her. Her boyfriend, Beng and Adamzbaby joined us too. After having our dinner, we went to Starbucks and met MeiShan and Will there. They were hugging their puppy. It was my first time to see Will's puppy, called JOJO.  We also took some pictures with Lavra as a memory with her instant camera. Hope she will always remember us although Kuala Lumpur is not really far from here. Take care babe:D

ErEr was hugging JOJO and I was hugging LuiLui. Sorry for my strange expression, haha. I looked afraid. By the way, they were cute.

How about today? We were quite busy. After helping my dad at his stall, I went to Penang with Adamzbaby's family. Our purpose was to renew his maid's passport there. After that, we went to Gurney Plaza for shopping. I bought a bag for my mama and she likes it so much. Then I met a cute puppy, Mocha. I was afraid of it in the beginning because it is too too too* active. But after that, I fell in love with it, haha. Wao, you know how clever it is? I miss it a lot now. :(  Before that, I will run away every time I see a dog. And I started to overcome all of this. So now, you can see I hold them in my arms. Although sometimes I will still afraid some of them but a least I will not run away anymore. I'm getting brave :D

KISS Mocha :D

After coming back from Penang, Adamzbaby and I went to meet our photographer. Sorry that I've forgot to tell you guys about this. Errr, He invited us to be his model few months ago.Hey hey hey, we are not going to marry, it's just something like model of wedding dress. I think we will have the photoshoot on the end of March. I will upload some of it after the photoshoot.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Waooo, it's my favourite roses:) Haha, but..... it's not for me lah. Papa gave it to my mama today because it's her birthday. So sweet, right? Ohh, I'm so envy. I want to same like them too when in my future, haha. No matter the couple have been together for how long, but there are still romantics within their life. It will make their  relationship become closer and long lasting. Believe or not? I prefer a relationship like this :D

How about this? It's my mama's favourite, coffee cake that I bought it from JustBread.. She was surprised because she thought we've done nothing.  We feel happy when we saw she smile:D How old is she? Hmm, secret. haha. Mama is getting older, but she's still the prettiest in our heart. :D LY.

Happy Birthday to MAMA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am so sorry...... I ignored my blog more than one month, WAO. Finally, I have time to update it because I've stopped working on Adamzbaby's brother shop. I am now helping my parents in their stall every morning so I am quite free at home especially in afternoon. Hmm, I am going to continue my post so the post may be longer today.

As usual, we went back to AlorStar during Chinese new year. But this year we stayed at grandma's house for a few days. The fourth day of chinese new year, I met up with my friend, Wendy. I went back with Adamzbaby. We went to sing k. 

31 of January is an important day because it's Adamzbaby's birthday. Wish all his dreams come true :D ILYVM. His cake was looked like a key because he is twenty one this year :D

Well. After celebrating happy new year and Adamzbaby's birthday, I was forced to face somethings scary ---- extraction. But an accident happened during the extraction because of my teeth problem so dental surgery was taken. It was enough to make me scared like hell. Actually, I'm worried that the wounds could not recover in a week because doctor would help me wear the braces on that day.

And after a week, I went there again. Opps, I troubled Adamzbaby again, hahaha. :P He brought me there. The doctor checked my wound properly and after two hours, I became Miss braces. :D haha. I was quite suffer in the two hours, you know why ? I have to open my mouth AS BIG AS I COULD and doctor seemed like going to tear my mouth AS BIG AS HE COULD. hahaha. Then I could only eat porridge. But after a week, I could not stand for it, I started to eat what I want but only the foods that is soft :C  < If it's really can make me become pretty, it's worth haha >

Bad news here too. I lost a grandpa.... forever............................ Before that, I always mentioned that my grandpa went to hospital again and again. But this time, he would never be back............. He was unconscious since he fainted. His organ was useless and then he left us..... especially my grandma. They had been together more than fifty years but grandpa left her suddenly, how she accept the cruel fact?? Don't smoke. Smoking will make you lose your life. Think about your family and also the one who really loves and cares about you.

I will remember my grandpa. .... Rest In Peace..

My grandpa passed away on Valentines day so I cancelled the celebration of Valentines that prepared by Adamzbaby. I having a dinner with him at US charboil after a few weeks.

Happy Birthday to Mei Shan. We celebrated her birthday at Classic Musical. There is quite nice.  She is so pretty that day :D Wish she can be happy always with her hubby :DD

Finally, I went to make a new glasses. Wao, I use my salary to buy it :'C.  I think I will treasure it more, hahaha. Suit me or not ? You know why I choose a big big glasses? To let it makes my face look smaller, hahaha :P

I always went out with ErEr recently. We went to SunwayCarnival mall to watch movie and Raja Uda to eat Tomyam. ErEr said we sexy and we know it. But I really don't know woorrrr. Where got sexy???? Looked like going to fight. haha.

I also fetched her to SP Plaza for making a new glasses after coming back from Alor Star.

Last, She fetched me today. We went to find Junting. She works at Apple Green House that drop at Taman Intan.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chinese new year is coming. I haven't buy any new clothes :(. Oh yea, my mama and Adamzbaby's mama have bought me some new pyjamas, haha. I have three things to say. First, I went to Penang to find my hair stylist. I fell asleep when dying my hair, haha. Really sleepy to sit there for many hours, haha. 

 Short hair? Already cut? Hoho:P Guess it yourself bah:P

Second, haha, A cute little dragon. My boss bought it for Chinese new year. But it is not for me. I took its picture because it really look cute. :D

And last, in my previous post, I've mentioned that I booked a pair of Starbucks bottles, right? I got it :D
The design is for Chinese new year one.

Nite :D

Friday, January 6, 2012


YUMMY YUMMY. Japanese food, my favourite again.:P
Someone is rich. He wanted to bet with me.............................. Fortunately, I won it :P So this was my dinner for today, haha.  We having our dinner at Ido and I met MeanZhen. She works as a waitress there. After having our dinner, we went to Starbucks. I've booked a pair of bottles there. I'll post it when I get it.

Good night.

Monday, January 2, 2012

School reopen

OPS, school will reopen tomorrow. Are you ready? Suddenly, I miss my school and the days with my classmates. Feeling weird that not going to school anymore-.-. I really miss the school life. When I'm still study, I don't like to go to school because need to wake up early in the morning, it made me tired. But when I've graduate, I want to go to school. LOL, life is funny. Usually we do not cherish what we have but we will regret when lost it. I miss my friends..... I miss my sisters... ErEr and Ting will travel to Singapore soon. Where are Shan, Lavra, Fish and others? Travelling or disappear? And Raymond has went for NS. When is my turn? Which batch?I don't want :'(

I have a picture of my school look. I show it here. I think it was three years ago.

Don't laugh :P

Study hard and cherish every moment when you're be with your friends. JIA YOU ;D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

HAPPY 2012 ;)

Yeahh. How do you feel? Feelings mix, right? Let us recall the last year.....Hmm, anything makes you proud? Or anything makes you shame? Never mind. It's new year now. It's also an opportunity to change your lifestyle. Go on with your works that could make you proud and correct the mistakes that you did it last year. We are growing up from mistakes. So our thoughts will be mature year by year. I'm reading a book recently, it talks about life.

'If you glower at someone, the person will return you a frown, but your smile will evoke a smile. Even if you are faking the grin, just fake it until you genuinely feel happy'

So, I wish myself and also you guys can face anything that is not going well in your life with the positive thoughts. Hope us can do it well in our new year. 

Oh yea, I believe you guys are having the new year's celebration now. But I'm not. T.T Where's Adamzbaby? He's bad. :P Haha. Ermm, he celebrates with his friends. I cannot go to countdown. They describe me as a Cinderella. Why? I'm not mean the face la-.- If I can pretty as her, I willing to sacrifice anything, hahaha. ( I'm just kidding with you guys la wey. :P ) No la, It's because I must reach home before twelve o'clock every night. So, how am I going to countdown :( Ok la, it's quite late now. I have to sleep now. Happy new year !

Monday, December 26, 2011


Ding Ding Dang  Ding Ding Dang *
Merry Christmas! 
Santa's coming, want do you want ? Hurry, tell Santa. He will makes your dream come true :D Hmm, how you guys celebrate Christmas? With lover or friends, right? I celebrate my Christmas with my Adamzbaby's brother, his future sister-in-law and my boss :P He only met me after working.  Let's share some pictures here.

We having our lunch at DRAGON-i at Queensbay mall. 

This is my dessert, yummy <3

Peace ;) with my boss.

Sweet couple :D

Wao, I love the 'xiao long bao' so much :P

See our Christmas cake from Adamzbaby's brother. So pretty :D

I reached home about 12.30am. Wao, damn tired but happy :DD 
You guys too ?